IEEE AutoDrive5G 2018

1st International Workshop on 5G and Cooperative Autonomous Driving

In conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Communications 2018 - ICC 2018
May 24, 2018 - Kansas City, MO, USA


The recent progress on 5G ultra reliable and low latency communications is paving the way to applications in future autonomous vehicle communications and unlocking new uses cases for enhanced safe driving at high vehicle speeds, harsh driving conditions, and cooperative driving. A plethora of techniques and protocols in wireless connectivity, localization and navigation such as 802.11p, LTE-V, C-V2X, precise positioning, 3D High Definition (HD) maps, augmented reality, Fog computing, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), etc. are proposed or under development to respond to emerging road safety use cases for 5G communications in vehicular environments.
In the path towards fully autonomous and safe coordinated driving, several requirements should be met, such as the availability of a sophisticated environment model  for accurate  driving decisions, full integration not only with smart road infrastructure but also with satellites and UAVs . Subsequently, it is crucial to investigate how and up to which point the 5G paradigm, as an enabler of evolved vehicular services, is able to meet the requirements of autonomous driving, accommodate the emergency of new roles and behaviours of connected vehicles and handle the heterogeneity of new applications in terms of data rates, latency and hyper-connectivity. 
In the spirit of ICC, this workshop aims at favoring a multidisciplinary, cross-layer perspective to 5G and autonomous cooperative driving, bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry.

We invite paper submissions including, but not limited to the topics listed below:

- Use case requirements for autonomous vehicles
- Cellular vehicle-to-everything communication
- HD dynamic mapping and accurate positioning
- Simultaneous Localization and Mapping 
- ADAS systems for autonomous vehicles
- Fog computing for terrestrial and aerial vehicles
- Fog-based zero-time handover mechanisms
- Caching techniques for enabling ultra-low latency services.
- SDN for autonomous driving management
- Named Data Networking (NDN) for autonomous vehicles
- Big Data stream processing and analytics techniques
- Online flight planning and management for drones
- Energy efficient drone-to-drone communications
- Vehicle-to-drone communications
- Interference management for drones
- Future drone operations, such as Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)
- Intrusion detection systems specific to autonomous vehicles
- Security issues in 5G for autonomous cooperative driving

Important dates

Paper submission deadline: January 3, 2018
Acceptance Notification: February 21, 2018
Final Paper submission: March 5, 2018
Workshop date: May 24, 2018 (exact date to be announced soon)

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This event is technically supported by the IEEE Communications Society Internet of Things.

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2017-10-05: The website of IEEE AutoDrive5G 2018 is up.

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